With the participation in White Show 2018 exhibition during Milan Fashion Week in Italy, social enterprise BlindArt presented new collection of BurBur fashion accessories. Collection includes, design bags, totally different tote bags, original sleeping masks and other innovative artefacts. With its uniqueness and social aspect, the collection has attracted attention of a number of influential fashion stores that have decided to include it in their assortment, as well collection is featured in several fashion media such as the prestigious Collezioni magazine.


BurBur bag collection is made in partnership with the talented bag designer Renate Vitola. Each bag is a complex and meticulous masterpiece where the 3D fabric prepared by sightless individuals is juxtaposed with smooth and natural leather. These materials are unified in a terse silhouette. One can perceive the originality of the texture even with eyes closed, animating an array of associations about various natural surfaces while inducing futuristic sensations. Three conceptual values are particularly important – form, texture and functionality. In terms of design and development it is a major challenge, making BurBur bags the supreme examples of fashion whilst retaining the practical elements. Only high quality materials and furniture from Italy and Japan are used. It is possible to order a bag with a special NANO overlay which protects from humidity and dirt.
BurBur bag will highlight the personality of its bearer who stands for quality, novelty and social responsibility.

From October 1, 2018, the collection can also be viewed and ordered at the BlindArt office show room at Maza Muzeja Street 1 in Old Riga or send your inquiries to