We involve people with visual impairments in the creation of original design objects thus integrating them into the labour market, developing their talents and fostering their self-esteem. We are open to various partnerships that would lead to the production of meaningful products with added value.


We organise creative workshops for sightless and visually impaired people that are linked to various cultural and educational events. So far we have organised tactile painting and book writing workshops as well as creative activities related to music. The result of these workshops includes noteworthy exhibitions, unique products and exciting performances.


We offer team-building events to different enterprises and organisations whereby participants learn to use their imagination and promote teamwork in a wholly positive environment. The teambuilding mainly includes tactile painting, relying solely on touch and hearing, complemented with educational stories about the way sightless people perceive the world. In each event we create new and special works of art that remain in the possession of the enterprise or its workers. If you are interested in the offer, please get in touch with us at


We offer full support in the production of art projects: sculpting concepts, organisation of creative workshops, securing the place of exhibition, technical and interactive solutions, informative materials, coordination of all the involved parties, participation in competitions, and other activities related to art projects. To learn about our experience and participation in different projects, please visit our section on projects.


BlindArt is one of the most experienced social enterprises in Latvia that has been operating since 2007. Therefore, we offer to transform our competencies and experience into useful and practical consultations, as well as inspirational seminars related to social entrepreneurship. The cost of seminars and consultations is determined individually based on the defined scope and specifics of the desired assistance.